These 9 Vegan YouTubers Make Easy, Healthy, and Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes (2024)

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<p>These vegan YouTubers all share delicious recipes that you can make on a budget.</p>

These 9 Vegan YouTubers Make Easy, Healthy, and Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes (1)

By Sophie Hirsh

May 7 2019, Updated 10:55 a.m. ET

These 9 Vegan YouTubers Make Easy, Healthy, and Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes (2)

Whether you're a longtime vegan hoping to mix it up recipe-wise, a home chef who's become passionate about plant-based cooking, or a complete veggie novice who's looking to lower your environmental impact in the kitchen, you could probably benefit from an exciting recipe refresher. Luckily, YouTube is full of numerous vegan recipe creators who share delicious plant-based recipes in easy-to-follow ways.

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Sure, there's something nice about Googling "easy vegan chili recipe" on your phone while in a crowded supermarket and buying every ingredient from the first recipe Google presents you with. (And by nice I mean stressful and unreliable.) But when you find a YouTuber you really connect with (well, at least on your end...), even the pickiest of eaters can grow to trust their recipes, and try new foods or food combinations you never thought you'd like before.

Plus, watching a YouTube cooking video can be easier than reading a recipe from a page for a few reasons. For one thing, it lets you see what your dish should look like at each step, to make sure everything looks OK. Also, some YouTube recipe creators also share cooking tips and tricks as well as fun facts about their lifestyle, which can make the experience more personal. You are putting their creations inside your body, after all! So without further ado, here are nine vegan recipe creators who share awesome and easy plant-based recipes on YouTube.

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1. Nikki Vegan

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Nikki Vegan (no, Vegan is not actually her last name) is a wizard at making comfort food healthy. See: her mac and cheese, her pumpkin pancakes, and her vegan nacho cheese. Plus, she has several back-to-school video series featuring recipes you can easily pack as on-the-go lunches, and she also co-hosts the YouTube talk show .

2. Cheap Lazy Vegan

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If you are cheap and/or lazy and/or vegan, you will love the ultra-chill Cheap Lazy Vegan, aka Rose. She shows subscribers how to make easy and quick meals and meal prep plans, often with tight budget constraints. Who doesn't love an excuse to be lazy?

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3. Madeleine Olivia

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U.K.-based Madeleine Olivia's popular YouTube channel is filled with recipes, many of which cost under $1.50 (or £1 each). And if you're not on the tofu train yet, her tofu how-to guide will leave you bowing down to the white rectangle. In addition to her luscious recipes, she also shares videos on decluttering, mindfulness, and eating disorder recovery.

4. Sweet Simple Vegan

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YouTube couple Jasmine and Chris are Sweet Simple Vegan, a YouTube channel featuring simple, innovative, and healthy (but not, like, kale-and-quinoa-all-day-every-day healthy) vegan recipes. They love getting creative in the kitchen, which you can easily see in their cooking challenge video series.

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5. Caitlin Shoemaker

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If you enjoy Sweet Simple Vegan, you'll probably like Caitlin Shoemaker too, because the three YouTubers are actually housemates. Shoemaker, who is also known as From My Bowl, shares a wide variety of yummy vegan recipes. Like a few other YouTubers mentioned, Shoemaker has created ton of recipes for tight budgets, most of which are super cozy and gluten-free.

6. The Happy Pear

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The Happy Pear are Irish twins Dave and Steve, whose "life goal is to make healthy eating attractive and sexy." On their YouTube channel, you'll find indulgent recipes for things like burgers, pizzas, pastas, and chocolate candies. Plus, they're the happiest boys you'll ever e-meet.

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7. Sweet Potato Soul

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Sweet Potato Soul, aka Jenné Claiborne, consistently fills her YouTube channel with her positive attitude and colorful recipes. She will teach you how salads can actually be good and filling, she shares tips on reducing waste, and she also has "hella good" vegan recipes for people who love meat.

8. The Viet Vegan

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The Viet Vegan is Lisa, a Vietnamese Canadian who "makes vegan food that isn't boring." A lot of her recipes are inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, and her channel is also filled with seafood and meat alternative recipes, instant pot recipes, and taste tests.

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9. It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

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Sam Turnbull aka It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken is the most joyful YouTuber about to grace your feed. In her kitchen, there's never a shortage of vegan butter or sugar, meaning every recipe is decadent and delicious. Her innovative-yet-simple recipes like baked tofu nuggets (which taste like chicken nuggets), homemade vegan mac and cheese powder, and a vegan fried egg with a runny yolk are all going to become staples in your kitchen.

So feel free to treat yo self to some shiny new knives, and get cooking.

These 9 Vegan YouTubers Make Easy, Healthy, and Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes (2024)
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