My 7 Best Fertility Smoothie Recipes - To Make a Mommy (2024)

This post has been reviewed by Dr. Sarah Mathis, Functional Medicine and Fertility Expert.

Looking for an evidence-based fertility smoothie recipe? You’re in the right place. When I was trying to conceive, I researched everything under the sun to maximize my chances of getting pregnant. I’ve spent 11 years perfecting these fertility smoothie recipes, tailoring them to each phase of the menstrual cycle, AND they helped me get pregnant twice despite infertility.

If you are trying to get pregnant and you aren’t drinking a fertility smoothie every day you are missing out! First, smoothies are delicious. Second, it’s easy to pack them full of healthy greens, proteins, and fats, which are important to a healthy fertility diet. Finally, if you are struggling with specific types of infertility diagnosis, you can incorporate your healing superfood fertility “boosters” in your smoothies!

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Fertility Smoothie Guidelines for Natural TTC or IVF

In this post, I discuss what to include- and what not to include – in your daily fertility smoothie. I also address some common concerns that women trying to get pregnant have with the smoothie: Raw veggies or cooked? Dairy or no dairy? Protein powder or not? What kind of protein powder? At the end of the post, I’ve included my recommended ultimate fertility smoothie recipe!

And, most importantly, I’m going to tell you why most of the other fertility smoothie recipes on the internet are probably not going to be helpful if you are dealing with infertility. If a website suggests raw spinach, full bananas, or a bunch of dairy, you’re going to want to click away. See why below!

Don’t have time to read? Listen to this podcast where I discuss all the do’s and don’ts of fertility smoothies!

A Daily Fertility Smoothie Helped Me Get Pregnant

I’m passionate about fertility smoothies for a few reasons. The first, is that a daily fertility smoothie helped me get pregnant with infertility (twice)!. The second is that I was frustrated that so many so called “coaches” were completely getting the fertility smoothie WRONG. And the third is that, I really, really love fertility smoothies. I love them so much I still drink them even after I’ve had my two children (despite High FSH, low AMH, endometriosis, and recurrent miscarriage!).

What is a Fertility Smoothie?

A fertility smoothie is a great way to get a deep nutrient-dense burst of antioxidants from low-sugar fruits and leafy greens when trying to conceive. It is also the perfect way to boost your protein and healthy fat intake. You want to keep your sugars LOW in a fertility smoothie; this is not the right time to load up on sugary fruits (see more guidance below).

Why Fertility Smoothies are SO Helpful For Boosting Chances of Conception

While a smoothie for fertility isn’t a magic bullet for infertility, the deep nutrition and antioxidants found in a fertility smoothie can boost your health, egg health, and chances of pregnancy success, whether you are considering trying to conceive naturally or using IVF. Studies have shown that antioxidants can boost egg health, that higher protein and fat intake can boost egg quality, and that nutritional status can affect fertility. A fertility smoothie is an easy way to get that nutrition, especially when it’s difficult to do so in your meals.

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My Basic Fertility Smoothie Recipe (That You Can Tailor To Your Needs)

I have a round-up of several tried and true fertility smoothie recipes at the bottom of this post. But if you want to free-form a fertility smoothie, here is my general recipe that you can use as a template. If you scroll below you’ll find detailed guidance on each of these!

  • 1 cup leafy greens (lightly steamed if spinach or kale)
  • 1/2-1 cup berries
  • 1 scoop Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein or Fertility-Safe Veg Protein (see below for ideas)
  • Healthy Fats
  • Fertility Superfood (like spirulina, see below for ideas)
  • Seeds for Seed-Cycling Depending on Cycle Phase
  • Seeds according to my seed cycling protocol
  • Zero-sugar liquid base

1. Add Leafy Greens to Your Fertility Smoothie

Your daily fertility smoothie is the perfect way to make sure you get an extra serving or two of the leafy greens you need to boost your fertility! The beneficial leafy greens include veggies such as romaine, kale, spinach, collards, watercress, arugula, cabbage, beet greens, chards, and dandelion greens. These greens fight infertility by creating a healthy sperm-friendly alkaline environment and by providing crucial minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are needed to grow healthy eggs and sustain a successful pregnancy. I recommend 2-4 servings of greens a day (although one serving is from the nettles in your daily fertility herbal infusion), and it is much easier to get at least one of these servings in a smoothie.

One serving is equal to 1 cup raw, or ½ cup cooked dark green leafy vegetables.

BUT . . . you’re probably not going to want to use raw leafy greens. I know, I know. Hear me out in the next rule . . .

Can I break this rule? Yes, but make sure you are eating a large green lettuce salad every day and two additional cooked green veggies.

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2. Skip the Raw Greens and Consider Steaming (I did it!)

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Here’s the thing- for most of the healthy leafy greens, you SHOULD NOT EAT THEM RAW. This includes in your smoothie. That’s right- no more raw kale or spinach in your smoothies or in your salads. I know, I know, you think I’m crazy. The other random blogger websites say its okay. Well, they are wrong. Most of these raw leafy greens are very difficult to digest and when you’re trying to conceive, you don’t want your body to use up its energy on digestion. You need your body to focus on making healthy eggs and circulating blood to the uterus.

Additionally, with the exception of a few raw veggies in the summer, for many infertility-related conditions such as Cold Uterus, Kidney Yang Deficiency, or any Damp conditions, Chinese Medicine (i.e., your acupuncturist) will likely advise no raw veggies.

So what is a lady to do? You need to lightly steam any cruciferous vegetables which are very difficult on digestion: arugula, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, collard greens, bok choy, brussels sprouts, radishes, rutabaga, and watercress. You also need to lightly steam any green veggies that are high in gut-irritating oxalic acid. These include: spinach, chard, parsley, chives, purslane, and beet greens. Greens you can put in your smoothie raw include: Romaine, Red or Green leaf lettuce, or butter lettuce, or young dandelion greens.

Can I break this rule? Yes, plenty of people get pregnant while blending raw spinach into their smoothies. It simply isn’t optimal. I have 5 different infertility diagnosis that I overcame by doing ALL THE THINGS and always optimizing my choices, so I follow this rule closely. If you are healthy and just starting to try to conceive, don’t sweat this one. This rule is the most important for women struggling with infertility, who have thyroid issues, who have digestive issues of any kind, or have been diagnosed by their Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (acupuncturist) with Spleen Qi deficiency, Kidney Yang Deficiency, or Cold Uterus.

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3. Rotate the Greens in Your Fertility Smoothie

Rotate your greens, people! Don’t put kale in your smoothie every day for a year. Not only is it not interesting, but you are limiting your nutrients and minerals. It is also possible, although highly unlikely, to have “alkaloid buildup” which can harm our thyroid. You can even develop hypothyroidism from binging on cruciferous veggies, like kale. When you lightly steam your veggies, however, the goitens that produce the glucosinolates that affect the thyroid are partially destroyed by heat. So, steam away, and mix it up! Enjoy mixing it up by alternating with raw lettuces, especially in the summer!

Can I break this rule? Yes, but you really shouldn’t. It isn’t healthy for your body to have the same food over and over every day!

What I do in my smoothies: In the summer I rotate through raw organic romaine, green leaf, or butterhead lettuces. For the fall and winter I buy frozen organic kale or spinach in bulk and lightly steam a bunch for the week then store in a glass pyrex in the fridge to use in my smoothies. In the spring I harvest young dandelion leaves from my yard to use as my green. We use this high grade stainless steel vegetable steamer inside our non-toxic All-Clad Tri-Ply cookware (this is a more affordable set). Occasionally I rotate these out for raw romaine, or lightly steamed collards, watercress, or chard.

*This post contains affiliate linkswhich at no cost to you provide me with some small change to help keep this blog running. If you decide to buy some fertility smoothie ingredients, a Nutribullet, or anything else I recommend, please consider clicking through one of my links to help support this blog and my family! Thank you!

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4. Limit the Sugars in Your Fertility Smoothie!My 7 Best Fertility Smoothie Recipes - To Make a Mommy (7)

It is all too easy to go crazy with fruit when you make your smoothies, not to mention how many people add additional sweeteners such as honey to their smoothies. To maximize egg health you need to keep your insulin response on an even keel. So if you are putting a banana, mango, and some pineapple in your smoothie, you are putting your body into sugar shock which can affect your egg health.

Sugars are also sneaky and can show up in other ways, like as an ingredient in your protein powder that you didn’t even realize was there. Here’s the thing- all sugar is problematic for fertility and egg health, even when it comes as natural fructose in fruit. This means that you can’t trust ingredients that would normally be okay in a “clean” eating diet such as honey, agave, or maple syrup.

What should you do? Choose fruits with low overall sugar (not just low-glycemic fruit) and a high-antioxidant or fiber content, such as apples, pears, and berries. Limit your total fruit consumption to 2-3 servings a day, or 1-2 if you have PCOS and need to control your blood sugar levels more closely. 1 serving = 1 medium fruit (baseball sized) or ½ cup chopped fruit.

Can I break this rule? If you are under 35, have been trying to conceive for less than a year, have no concerns about egg quality, and do not have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), then yes, you can break this rule. Heck, if you are 26 and just started trying, feel free to load your smoothie up with bananas, mangoes, and maybe even throw in a little organic blackstrap molasses for additional sweetness and vitamins. However, if you have PCOS, high FSH, low AMH, a history of repeated early miscarriage or chemical pregnancies, or any other kind of infertility struggle that might be related to egg quality, don’t break this rule.

What I do in my smoothies: I rotate through organic berries: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and occasionally through in half a small green apple if I am craving a little extra sweetness. To save money I usually buy bulk frozen organic berries- even though fresh would be better it is truly cost prohibitive for a daily smoothie. This is the only frozen item in any of my smoothies. Which leads us to . . . .

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5. Skip the Frozen Ingredients for Your Fertility Smoothie

In Chinese Medicine, cold foods (including foods that are literally “cold”) can chill the uterus and make it an unwelcome place for an embryo to implant. Ladies, we want our uteruses to be warm jungles packed with love and nutrients for our little babies-to-be. This means you need to avoid icy smoothies. Whenever possible, keep ingredients at room temperature (fruit, veggies, etc.), and avoid frozen ingredients.

Can I break this rule? Yes, plenty of women get pregnant while drinking icy beverages daily. It just isn’t ideal, and by now you know me- I am always shooting for optimizing all my fertility decisions. This rule is the most important for women with Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnoses of Kidney Yang Deficiency, Spleen Qi Deficiency, Blood Stasis, or Cold Uterus.

What I do for my smoothies: When I used our Ninja to blend, I would make my smoothies on Sunday, freeze into pint-size mason jars, and then grab one on the way to work in the morning. I would wait until it had defrosted, and then I would WARM EACH MOUTHFUL to body temperature in my mouth before swallowing. I know, it was insane. But, I simply didn’t have time to blend and wash the Ninja each day. Now, my husband and I each use our Nutribullet each day, and take our fresh smoothies to work in the same cup we blended in! We can actually prep our dry ingredients the day before and have them ready to add the veggies and fruit to in the morning.

The only downside is that the Nutribullet cups are plastic- yes they are BPA and phthalate free, but I would prefer they had a glass option. I have sent multiple requests to their customer service, and I hope to see a glass option in the future. For now, we wash the cups by hand in luke-warm water to reduce any potential leaching, and replace the cups annually. If you want to optimize this one beyond what we have done you could use a blender with a glass jar, like this affordable Amazon favorite, and then transfer to a glass or mason jar for drinking!

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6. Add Protein to Your Fertility Smoothie!

Babies are made of protein and fat. You need plenty of both to nourish yourself, make healthy eggs, get pregnant, and sustain a healthy pregnancy. New fertility diet research shows that you should have 25-35% of your diet be protein to maximize egg and embryo health.

I can’t figure out a way to do that without adding protein to my daily smoothie. There are two ways to go: protein powder, and whole foods. Below I have a list of whole foods that are great to add to your smoothie for an extra protein punch.

If you go with a protein powder, be careful to avoid soy or pea protein, both of which can be detrimental to fertility. Soy can be estrogenic which can be harmful for many of us (but not all- do your own research!), and concentrated pea protein was shown in some old studies to be an effective contraceptive. (Read my full article here on the research behind pea protein and fertility).

Do plenty of women get pregnant while using soy or pea protein? Sure, but I’m not willing to risk it with my many fertility issues.

Most women struggling with infertility should avoid whey protein also, as dairy is an inflammatory food for many women and can lower your chance of a successful pregnancy. However, if you are just starting to try to conceive, and you are underweight and not ovulating, then you might consider using a raw organic whey protein. If you aren’t sure whether dairy is for you or not, read my blog post on how dairy can sometimes cause infertility.

With all protein powders, a huge issue is contamination with heavy metals like lead. Several stories have come out on plant-based proteins just being loaded with lead. Also, several major collagen protein powders, including Vital Proteins which I used to use and promote, have come out as having heavy metal issues.

I am now ONLY using and promoting protein powders that test for heavy metals and share their test results.

The Best Protein Powders for Fertility

For most women, here are the kinds of protein powders I like:

  • Collagen Peptides– This is what I use now and love. I conceived my second miracle while using collagen, used it throughout my second pregnancy, and continue to use it while breastfeeding. It is thought that the collagen peptides can provide the same kind of nutritional boost and gut-healing that you get from bone broth. There are studies showing collagen helping with bone health, weight loss, diabetes, circadian rhythms, improve mood, boost your arterial health, make your skin and hair look great, and improve gut health. (Don’t forget to take an awesome probiotic to help also). I actually do my own daily bone broth ALSO for these benefits. There are no organic free range collagen peptides available on the market. After the scandals with heavy metals in many of the collagen peptide lines, there is now only one collagen peptide brand I use and recommend- Perfect Supplement’s Hydrolyzed Collagen. Their shared current labs with me and they test for heavy metals and pesticides. They also happen to be much more affordable than the more popular brands that have had issues with heavy metals. They also have the only Organic Bone Broth Protein powder that I am aware of that has no other fillers (plus its tested for heavy metals and pesticides). —> Get your Collagen Peptides Here and use code ANNA10 for 10% off your first order! Grab their awesome Acai, safety tested Spirulina, and Resveratrol while you are there. Read my full review of Perfect Supplements here!
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  • Plant-Based Protein for Fertility: Once you start looking for a vegan protein powder for fertility, things get dicey quickly. Soy is potentially estrogenic- ditch. Pea protein is linked to infertility– ditch. Oh look, this one is great . .. never mind it is stuffed with random fillers and sugar. Oh, I finally found a clean one, and boom . . . it has heavy metal contamination from processing. No worries, dear reader, I have finally found an ideal solution:- Perfect Supplements makes a pure, organic plant protein made from pumpkin seeds, hemp seed, and sacha inchi seed. AND, Sacha Inchi seeds are linked to boosting fertility. AND Perfect Supplements tests every batch for pesticides, heavy metals, and allergens. AND they are affordable. Problem solved. Phew! For Perfect Supplements Perfect Plant Protein use the code ANNA10 for 10% off every order!
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Whole Foods Protein Sources for Fertility Smoothies

Should I avoid protein powder? Some people who do fertility-friendly paleo or Whole 30, etc., diets, don’t use protein powder because they are a processed substitute for “real food.” I get that, and some weeks I get all anti-protein powder. Then, the next week, I’m like, man I really want that protein powder! You do what works for you- in the end plenty of people have gotten pregnant doing both. It comes down to what works for your relationship with food and nutrition. If you decide to skip the protein powder, here are some options for real food protein alternatives for your smoothie:

  • Nut Butters (peanut, almond, cashew, other) (ex. Peanut butter is 7g protein in 2Tbsp)
  • Nuts -e.g., 4.5 g protein in ¼ cup walnuts
  • Sunflower Seeds – 5g in 1oz (see my post on seed-cycling to know which seeds to use when!)
  • Oats – 5g protein in ½ cup dry (make sure gluten-free if you need it)
  • Chia Seeds – 4g protein in 1 Tbsp
  • Pumpkin Seeds – 7g protein in 1oz/142 seeds
  • Flax Seeds – 4g protein in 2 Tbsp (use in first half of cycle only)
  • Quinoa- 8g protein in 1 cup cooked
  • Raw organic, free-range, egg – 6g protein from one (just don’t do this one when you are pregnant!)
  • Hemp hearts – 10g protein in 3 tbsp
  • Hemp seeds – 5g protein in 1 tbsp
  • Cocao nibs– 4g protein in 1 oz

Can I break this rule? Sure, as long as you are getting plenty of protein in the meals you eat. Note, it is hard to get the recommended 35% of your daily intake from protein if you don’t add protein to your smoothies.

What I do for my smoothies: After the scandals with heavy metals in many of the collagen peptide lines, there is now only one collagen peptide brand I use and recommend- Perfect Supplement’s Hydrolyzed Collagen. Their shared current labs with me and they test each batch for heavy metals and pesticides.

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7. Add Healthy Fats To Your Fertility Smoothie

Like I said earlier, babies are made from protein and fat. You need plenty of healthy fat in your diet, especially since you have cut out all unhealthy fat if you are following a strict fertility diet. While you should be using healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil on your salads, your fertility smoothie is a great way to make sure you are getting enough fat in your diet.

Additionally, healthy Omega-3 fats help lower inflammation in the body (very important for endometriosis and repeated miscarriages), increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and improve cervical mucus. They are also crucial to the healthy development of any little embryos that take root during the two week wait. Don’t skimp on your Omega-3s!

The fats you want and where to get them:

  • Omega-3 essential fatty acid boosters for your smoothies: Walnuts, Walnut Oil, Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, fish oils (yes, some people add fish oil to their smoothies. Too far for me.)
  • Omega-6 essential fatty acid boosters for your smoothies: flaxseeds, hempseeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds
  • Omega-9 essential fatty acid boosters for your smoothie: avacados, almonds, peanuts, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts (in general it is cheapest to buy organic nuts in bulk from your local grocery or health food store if you can find them)
  • Healthy saturated fat in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (helps the body assimilate the Omega 3s)- Coconut Oil, Coconut Manna (Butter), Coconut Milk (make sure it is unsweetened), or Coconut Cream.


Can I break this rule? Yes, as long as you are getting plenty of healthy fats elsewhere. But, you probably don’t want to, because they help make the smoothie yummy!

What I do for my smoothies: I rotate through walnuts, walnut oil, coconut oil, coconut cream (yum!), various nuts and seeds, and avocados.

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8. Add Some Liquid to Your Fertility Smoothie

You won’t be able to blend your smoothie without some liquid! Whatever liquid you choose, watch out for sugar. Avoid juices or coconut water which is high in sugar. I recommend that most women struggling with infertility avoid dairy, so using a milk alternative is a good way to get some extra calcium in and make your smoothies yummy. I used to use unsweetened organic coconut milk, which tasted great. You could also use an unsweetened almond or cashew milk- just make sure it doesn’t have the icky additive carrageenan in it! Don’t choose oat milk, its loaded with sugar. I’m hardcore now- I just add water or a nettles infusion.

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9. Add fertility super foods for YOUR needs!

The most important part of your daily fertility booster is that it is a yummy way for you to get in your fertility superfood boosters! Now, many fertility superfoods such as nuts, seeds, avacados, coconut oil, leafy green vegetables, etc., are good for almost everyone. But there are additional fertility superfoods that are perfect for CERTAIN infertility conditions. If you have an infertility diagnosis, or a Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, be sure to do plenty of research to tailor your smoothie! And, while you are at it, check out my blog post and free e-book on how to make Your Perfect Fertility Diet: Tailoring The Diet to Your Diagnosis!

ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If your body doesn’t like a superfood, stop using it! These are powerful, and not for everyone! My body couldn’t tolerate maca or royal jelly, for instance. Some people get too much energy from spirulina. Listen to your body!

And- don’t go crazy with your super boosters! I only do spirulina, wheatgrass, and protein in my smoothie. Choose 2-3 that are the best for you and your needs.

Here are my favorite fertility superfood boosters with what infertility conditions they are extra helpful for:


Spirulina is one of my favorite fertility superfoods. In general, seaweeds and blue-green algae are incredibly nutrient dense foods for fertility. Spirulina is a special green algae and can be grown in the ocean or in fresh water. The Aztecs used to eat it for strength and endurance. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other benefits that help support overall alkalinity in the body and egg healthy. Some also claim it is a great source of protein, but I’ve never seen this backed up with actual numbers. It is especially helpful for those who have been diagnosed by their acupuncturist with Kidney Essence Deficiency, Kidney Yin Deficiency, Blood Deficiency, Blood Stasis, and Cold Uterus.

Researching which kind of Spirulina to put in my smoothie made me crazy. Spirulina easily absorbs any toxins from its environment, so it is very important to buy it from a reputable source. I now only use the Spirulina from Perfect Supplements– it is the most tested spirulina on the planet and they check for every kind of contaminant imaginable! And, when I asked them to share their results with me they half a dozen certificates with results plus a 46 page powerpoint explaining their safety process. I was sold :-).

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Wheatgrass is a magical fertility superfood. It is another super healthy “green” that is beneficial to overall health and fertility. It also lowers levels of follicle stimulating hormone (lowers FSH), balances hormones, encourages alkalinity in the body, and enhances cell health. It is especially helpful for those who have been diagnosed by their acupuncturist with Kidney Essence Deficiency. The best way to add wheatgrass to your diet is to juice the raw plant. This can be very expensive. The second best way is to buy frozen wheatgrass shots. This is also expensive. The less expensive way is to buy high-quality organic powdered wheatgrass (again, cheaper to do Amazon and Subscribe & Save). I switched from Amazing Grass to Terrasoul because they test every batch for heavy metals and were willing to share their results with me. Stop using wheatgrass when you have a positive pregnancy test- most people say it is safe, but out of an overabundance of caution, I can’t recommend it during pregnancy. Be aware– Wheatgrass is not part of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, and can increase allergy issues in some people. Listen to your body and make good decisions. Note: Some functional fertility doctors have reported that people with gluten sensitivity may react to wheatgrass, even though it is gluten free. Listen to your body and your doctor!

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This energizing plant supports your endocrine system while enhancing fertility at large. It is said to bring the hormones into balance, increase egg and sperm health, and increase libido. Make sure to only use the gelatinized version of the root, as the raw powder can be very difficult to digest and can be toxic in large amounts. Always consume maca before 5 in the evening, as it can keep you up if you have it too late! Stop using Maca when you have a positive pregnancy test- most people say it is safe, but out of an overabundance of caution, I can’t recommend it during pregnancy. I was unable to use maca- even the gelatinized version hurt my stomach.

Acai & Goji berries

Acai & Goji berries are both antioxidents and as such help ensure the cells of your eggs are healthy. This is especially for anyone with egg health issues, so those over 35, those with high FSH or low AMH, or those who have had multiple early losses. If you are using actual goji berries don’t put too many in- they can be quite high in sugar (this is what my husband uses in his male fertility smoothie)! I love and use this Acai powder in my smoothies!

Mixed Powdered Greens

These are an easy way to get a bunch of vitamins and antioxidents to promote healthy cell (egg or sperm growth). This is the one my husband and I both add to our smoothies.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is supposed to raise estrogen levels, balance hormones, and increase egg quality. Royal Jelly is the food that the queen bee is fed so that she can produce up to 2000 eggs per day! It is a superfood that provides many vitamins and minerals. The problem is that royal jelly often comes in a honey that is packed with sugar. Don’t add a sugar bomb to your smoothie! I took royal jelly for a while before I knew about the effects of sugar on egg health, but it made my stomach hurt. Always listen to your body! If you feel good with a superfood, it probably means it is helping- if you don’t feel good, then stop! Never use Royal Jelly if you are allergic to bees or bee products.

Bee pollen

Bee pollen has many vitamins and is thought to increase ovarian function, egg health, and overall fertility. Be sure to find bee pollen that doesn’t include massive amounts of sugar. Never take bee pollen if you are allergic to bees or bee products.

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Seed Cycling in Your Fertility Smoothie

If you are looking into seed cycling for balancing your hormones or boosting fertility, the easiest way to get the ground seeds into your diet is by adding them to your smoothie! You can check out my whole post on Seed Cycling for Fertility here.

Here is my general seed cycling protocol:


  • 1 Tbsp organic flax seeds, freshly ground in my smoothie
  • 1 Tbsp organic pumpkin seeds (hulled), freshly ground in my smoothie


  • 1 Tbsp organic sesame seeds, freshly ground in my smoothie
  • 1 Tbsp organic sunflower seeds, freshly ground in my smoothie
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Notes on the Fertility Smoothie Recipe

Now that you’ve made it through my exhaustive post on fertility smoothies, I hope YOU aren’t exhausted! My recipes are below, please enjoy, and make them YOURS. Just like the Fertility Diet, the Fertility Smoothie should be tailored to your particular situation (and tastes!).

A quick note on taste— ladies, this smoothie is not going to taste like the ones you’ve made with two bananas, mangoes, honey, and whole fat dairy. It just isn’t. But over time you get used to it, and now I find them delicious! I crave their green goodness daily. While not trying to conceive, however, you can believe I put those bananas in there!

Note- I change up my smoothie a little bit each day. Sometimes I’ll do a raw ginger/blueberries/lime juice combo. Sometimes I’ll do raspberries, a little bit of gojis, and add some cocoa powder. It all depends on the day and what I’m feeling. Some day I’ll write a book on it! This is my basic smoothie that I do for my High FSH, endometriosis, Low AMH, diminished ovarian reserve, and MTHFR mutation. It was one of the 79 things I did to get pregnant!

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Fertility Smoothie Recipes Round-Up

My Fertility Smoothie Recipe for High FSH, Endometriosis, Egg Quality (Low AMH, Low Antral Follicle Count & Repeated Early Loss)

  • 1 cup organic romaine, butter lettuce, or young dandelion greens, or 1/2 cup lightly steamed spinach or kale (collards or chard if you’re brave)
  • 1/2 cup- 1 cup organic berries (fresh preferable, frozen if you can’t afford fresh or they are out of season)
  • 1 scoop Perfect Supplement’s Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • 1/2 Tbsp organic walnut oil (more if you are going Keto) (for my endometriosis- use another fat suited to YOUR needs)
  • 1 scoop wheatgrass powder(for my High FSH and acupuncture diagnoses- use a superfood suited to YOUR needs)
  • 1 tsp spirulina(for my poor egg quality and acupuncture diagnoses- use a superfood suited to YOUR needs)
  • 1 Scoop Acai powder
  • 1.5 cup unsweetened SO Coconut Milk (or, enough to fill to the “Fill” line on your Nutribullet) OR filtered water OR even better- your own homemade coconut or nut milk
  • Seeds according to my seed cycling protocol


Add all the ingredients to your NutriBullet, or other blender, and blend for 30 seconds or so. Enjoy!

Fertility Smoothie Recipe for the Menstrual Phase

Let’s be honest, we all need a little chocolate during our periods! This fertility smoothie for the menstrual phase is chock full of the right seeds, nuts, and nutrition to support you during this phase of your cycle! During menstruation you need foods rich in iron to help your body replenish its blood supply, rich in vitamin C to help with iron absorption, and plenty of protein. We’re also going to add in our seed-cycling protocol!

Fertility Smoothie for the Follicular Phase

During the follicular phase you need to make sure you are eating well and receiving deep nutrition so that you’ll be able to nourish your maturing follicles. Protein and healthy fats are very important, as are foods with plenty of Vitamin E. We continue to seed cycle to promote a healthy hormone balance.

Fertility Smoothie for the Ovulatory Phase

During ovulation, we want to choose lots of leafy greens to boost our B vitamins which are particularly important to the release of an egg and successful implantation. We also want foods rich in zinc and Vitamin C. Our seed-cycling continues to be pumpkin seeds and flax until the ovulatory phase is complete.

Fertility Smoothie for the Luteal Phase

During the Luteal Phase we are preparing for possible implantation, and we want to avoid cold, raw foods. We also want to make sure we are getting plenty of zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 to keep our progesterone levels high. We switch now to sunflower and sesame seeds for our seed-cycling protocol.

My Whole Lemon and Ginger Fertility Smoothie Recipe

Originally found here at

My Male Fertility Smoothie Recipe

Read more about this male fertility smoothie here on my page! This is what my hubby drank while we were trying to conceive!

Fertility Smoothie Recipe for Egg Health


My 7 Best Fertility Smoothie Recipes - To Make a Mommy (20)

Fertility Smoothie for Egg Health!

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  • Author: Anna @ To Make a Mommy
  • Total Time: 6 mins
  • Yield: 1 1x
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This is the fertility smoothie I drank every day to get pregnant despite endometriosis, High FSH, low AMH, diminished ovarian reserve, MTHFR single mutation, and repeated miscarriages. My focus was on improving egg health overall, and overcoming my individual issues. Be sure to swap out MY superfoods (e.g., walnut oil for endometriosis, wheatgrass for High FSH, etc.,) for YOUR particular situation!My 7 Best Fertility Smoothie Recipes - To Make a Mommy (21)



  • 1 cup organic romaine or butter lettuce, or 1/2 cup lightly steamed spinach or kale (collards or chard if you’re brave)
  • 1/2 cup– 1 cup organic berries (fresh preferable, frozen if you can’t afford fresh or they are out of season)
  • 2 scoops Perfect Supplement’s Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • 1/2 Tbsporganic walnut oil (for my endometriosis) (yes this is in plastic which sucks, and doesn’t have USDA certification,but I can’t find another organic option– you could get non-organic in glass)
  • 1 scoopwheatgrass powder(for my High FSH and acupuncture diagnoses- use a superfood suited to YOUR needs)
  • 1 tspspirulina (for my poor egg quality and acupuncture diagnoses- use a superfood suited to YOUR needs)
  • 1.5 cupfiltered water (or whatever you need to reach the fill line on your Nutribullet)
  • 2 tbsp coconut manna
  • 1 scoop acai powder


  1. Add all ingredients to your NutriBullet, or other blender, and blend for 30 seconds or so.
  2. Enjoy!


  • You can sub whatever kind of unsweetened coconut/almond milk, etc., for the water+ coconut manna combo. I’m just trying to avoid using canned or tetra pak milks with gums in them, so I’m making my own coconut milk with the manna in a glass jar plus water.
  • Sometimes I add half an apple.
  • If this is too not-yummy for you, first try removing the wheatgrass and spirulina. Is it good then? If it still isn’t yummy, switch to romaine instead of lightly steamed spinach or kale. Is it good then? Reintroduce other items until its yummy enough! You WILL get used to it, I promise! DON’T ADD THE BANANA.
  • Have fun! Play around with different combinations. Throw some seeds or nuts in if you want. Just watch your sugars, i.e., don’t throw in the banana! 🙂
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 1 min
  • Category: Smoothies
  • Method: Blender
  • Cuisine: Fertility, Healthy Living


  • Serving Size: 1
  • Calories: 342
  • Sugar: 6g
  • Sodium: 119mg
  • Fat: 26g
  • Saturated Fat: 17g
  • Unsaturated Fat: 0
  • Trans Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 21g
  • Fiber: 12g
  • Protein: 14g
  • Cholesterol: 0

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Anna Rapp is a fertility journalist and non-toxic living expert. When Anna Rapp was struggling with infertility and recurrent early miscarriage, she was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, High FSH, low AMH, low follicle count, endometriosis, and an MTHFR mutation. Despite being told donor eggs were her only solution, Anna used her graduate training in research methods and analysis to read everything she could find on fertility and egg health. Ultimately, she lowered her FSH and got pregnant naturally (twice). She blogs about how she did it and encourages her readers to take charge of their fertility journey and get happy, healthy, and pregnant!

My 7 Best Fertility Smoothie Recipes - To Make a Mommy (2024)
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