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I would recommend roasting the vegetables prior to mixing into the filling. I followed the recipe as written and the veggies were not as soft as I would have preferred.


For cream, can substitute cashew cream. Soak cashews in boiling water for 30 min then drain and blend in blender with enough water to give cream consistency.

Jenny G.

Just putting this out there: regular (less expensive) mushrooms can be made amazing by brushing the dirt off of them after you bring them home, and slicing them approx. 1/4-1/2" thick, and spreading them out on drying racks. Let air-dry on the counter for 3 days. This improves their texture and flavor dramatically in potpies, quiches, and soups.


I had the same question regarding the root vegetables cooking in 30 minutes. I decided to roast all of the root vegetables (squash, carrots, parsnips) and left them a bit on the hard side. It came out perfect and the vegetables were the right texture. I also added caramelized shallots and some fontina cheese.


I roasted the root vegetables and mushrooms in a 425 oven - first tossed with a little extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and a few chopped garlic cloves. I substituted 1/2 cup dry Vermouth for 1/2 cup stock. I seasoned the filling with more salt and pepper, a pinch each of ground nutmeg, and red pepper flakes, and a little Worcestershire and Tamari to up the umami. Delish!


I always pour the liquid thru a paper coffee filter to strain out the grit. That water is a great base for a soup or sauce.

James R. Fromm & Laurie A. Smith

Sorry, but there appears to be a rather important step missing in this recipe. Those hard root vegetables need to be par-cooked before using, especially in such large pieces! They will not be nearly cooked in half an hour in the oven. We are making it now and are microwaving the chunks of veggies to start them softening. Before they are mixed into the filling.

Patrick in California

This was about three hours worth of effort, from preparation of the ingredients to the table. But the effort was well worth it. I’ve made this as a main and it makes a great one pan meal. As a side, I serve this in smaller ramekins and I never have enough.A small splash of amontillado sherry just before cooking adds just the right special touch.


The reason some folks might not have gotten a flavorful result is that - as Melissa Clark has written in other mushroom recipes - be sure to really brown the mushrooms first. This will just about guarantee great flavor in the finished product. Pre-Roasting the rest of the veggies on a sheet pan at 425 for 10-15 minutes will also boost flavor. Be sure to coat lightly with oil and salt and pepper before roasting.


So, so, so incredibly good with a few adjustment to fit the contents of my fridge. Did not use crimini - used a blend of oyster, shiitake, and chanterelles. Used arugula instead of kale as I don’t like kale and I had 1/2 bag of arugula that had to get used. Omitted 1/2 C vegetable stock as it was looking a little too soupy. And I did pre-roast the roots and parboil the potatoes because that seemed sensible. Alexa Weibel for president!!

Mary Ann

Any recommended subs for the cream for vegans?

Sarah T

I’d recommend subbing with cashew cream as described below, but use the porcini water to soak your cashews!


Start to finish the recipe took me closer to 2.5 hours. Prep took me almost an hour (lots of chopping!).Used dry herbs instead of fresh and the flavor was great. I screwed up the pastry by cutting slits all the way through- don’t make my mistake!!! Half the pastry got all soggy because of my error. I agree with the other poster that you could just as easily make the filling and serve with a side of biscuits... It was so rich in flavor! I will definitely make this again.


Delicious recipe but next time I would reduce the heavy cream to 1/4 cup and add more porcini liquid and/or chicken stock. Less coating my palate with cream and more umami flavor.


I would try unsweetened coconut cream.

Candace Perez

2/23/24Pour melted butter in large cast iron panCool the potatoes and carrots for 5min in microwave before putting in mixtureSave extra puff pastry scraps and thrown them in the baking sheet below for extra crust!


I have made this twice exactly as it is written. It's a delicious, comforting meal that the whole family loves. I do find it comes out very soupy - wondering how I can have it come out with a thicker gravy?


I just finished making the filling, which took at least 2.5 hours. It will be the main dish for my daughter's vegetarian Christmas dinner and an additional side for the others. Looking at the recipe, I did not expect it to take so long and am very happy I decided to make the filling in advance! I cut the veggies smaller than indicated for fear they would not be adequately cooked. If this is as good as everyone says, the only way I will make it again is if someone helps with the chopping!


This was amazing! Per the other commenters’ advice, I roasted the root veggies until they were tender before adding them into the filling. Everything else I followed exactly as written. It took some time, but was truly one of the best things I’ve ever cooked. Next time I want to try making individual small pies with the same filling, and maybe freezing a few of them for weekday meals.


This recipe is missing an important step. The root vegetables need to be partially cooked before being added. without doing this the pie filling will is very crunchy.


Roasted parsnips and carrots for 15 minutes at 210 Celsius. Added potatoes with the cream. Use porcini mushroom water instead of broth. Made filling ahead.Used four frozen puff pastry mini sheets layered, but would look better with a big one. Very tasty! Takes a long time but very nice for Thanksgiving with cranberry sauce.


Can you freeze the completed pies?

Dan H

I used celery root instead of parsnips, and as suggested elsewhere par roasted the veggies for 10 minutes at 375(convection). 425 seemed a little bit high for the puff pastry. I checked on it half way through cooking and it was already black. Next time I'll go with 400 and check on it sooner so I can cover it with foil.


Roast root veggies first


Does anyone have any advice on making this as single serving pies in advance and freezing them? I’d like to serve them for company and don’t want to have to work with pastry when guests are here. Thanks!


I got inspired by this recipe. I did not have available all the mushrooms so I sort of improvised. I used dry porcini mushrooms, shiitake and cremini. I used the soaking liquid of the dried porcini and some chicken broth for the sauce and used baby kale. Added cream at the end. Just to add another dimension I added 3 tablespoons of cranberry sauce and covered with a sheet of puff pastry. For a Friday night dinner with a glass of wine it was delicious.

Maria Loza

Just made this tonight. It was INCREDIBLE! So satisfying and healthy and yummy with veggies from the farmer’s market! I actually only used half the batch tonight, baking it in a smaller cast iron pan, and will cook up the other half for tomorrow night’s dinner.


Super yummy. Used only baby bellos and dried porcini, no parsnips. Cooked potatoes in toaster oven for a bit, and cooked carrots with onions. Added a bit of worchestershire and red pepper flakes to gravy. Puff pastry got soggy and didn’t puff enough…maybe bake separately, or sub biscuits?


The second time I made this I replaced the potatoes with an equal volume of roasted chestnuts. Guests were pleased. Give it a try if you have some packaged roasted chestnuts you'd like to use up or just do something different.


I followed the recommendation to par-roast the veggies. I did 425° for about 10 minutes. I also made the filling the night before. The result was wonderful! Definitely a labor of love, but turned out delicious.

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Mushroom Potpie Recipe (2024)
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